House to House Collections

As a registered company, AMO (GB), is meeting all the legal requirements. We specialise in a door step collection service that has been a growing trend throughout different regions of the country.

Teams of workers contribute to a regular collection from homes throughout the country on a daily basis.

The surge in contribution has also led to a demand by our company for new staff members in various roles to service the thousands of homes.

The company has always demanded very high standards in its work/reliability ethics and professionalism from all staff.

Customer service is paramount and is one of the reasons that our company has seen a growing increase on a monthly basis.

Staff are encouraged to liaise with the public, to answer questions they may have or to put them at ease of anything they may be unsure about. This involves being multi lingual and dealing with people who may have disabilities.

Collection of clothing from homes begins when a member of staff delivers a collection bag, with the registered charity details on it through your door. The relevant day to when the bags will be collected is written on the envelope/bag.

Once the bags are placed outside in a safe and visible place, it will be collected by a member of staff on the relevant day.

If any bag is missed it can be rung through to our operator, whom will arrange for it to be collected.
Alternatively you can get in touch with us to arrange a time at your convenience or if you have further clothing to donate throughout the year.